To go or to stay: the bath and kitchen remodeling question
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To go or to stay: the bath and kitchen remodeling question

By amandaplumb51617911, Apr 11 2017 04:44PM

The bathroom and the kitchen are some of the most essential locations in a house. If you are doing Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Dublin, OH, you do not want the work to be delayed for any reason, but there will be the small issue and having to contend with workmen milling around your house. Some may consider temporarily relocating at this point, at least for the duration of the remodel, but is that really the best idea? There is no right or wrong answer to this, and whether you temporarily relocate or not will depend on the following factors.

The cost

Money is the biggest factor in this decision. Granted, a company like Amanda Plumbing will handle the job at an affordable cost, but the money decision is much more complex than it seems. It definitely costs money to rent a new place for the months of the renovation. However, it might also cost money to stay at home during the renovation process. This is because there will always be the need to clean up after the job and the constant rush to finish certain sections of the job in order not to interrupt plumbing, electricity or normal activity in the house. When making the cost decision, stay realistic and involve the contractor.

Pets and children

Pets and children also influence the decision whether or not to stay. The constant noises can disturb cats and dogs and have them restless all through the day. Kids on the other hand will be fascinated by the work going on and might stray into the work area. If kids have to visit the work area for any reason, they should be accompanied by adults and wear the right protective gear. The contractor handling the kitchen and bath remodeling in Dublin, OH must also be informed of the visit. They will likely be concerned about the kids and pets just as much as the homeowner. However, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to limit them. It might be a prudent decision to keep pets and children away from the construction work by temporarily relocating.

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